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Too Busy To Live

Addictions are considered as problems to be overcome; but what if the majority of the people in a culture have the same addiction? It then becomes normal, even desirable. The majority of people in American culture have become addicted to compulsive, excessive busyness. Rick Fowler and Cassie Findley show you how to overcome this addiction and live a more healthy, energetic and productive lifestyle.

Honey, Are You Listening?

Rick and Jerilyn Fowler-married 34 years-share proven and practical tips for dealing with the sometimes exasperating traits of your ADD partner. Focusing on the advantages of living with someone who is "wired" differently, they show you how to turn those unique ADD qualities into benefits, so that you will have a more intimate, satisfying relationship.

The Bema: A Story about the Judgment Seat of Christ

This is the book that inspired the life-changing drama that has been presented in churches across America. Based solidly on biblical and theological research, this fictional account imagines what it will be like to experience the rapture of the church, see what heaven is like, meet your guardian angel, and appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ to receive your eternal reward for the way you have lived your life. Those who have seen the drama or read the book are profoundly affected by its message. When THE DAY finally comes and you stand in the presence of the resurrected Christ to see with His eyes a review of your life, nothing that you thought was important will matter then.


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