About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Fair Havens Publications is to inspire faith and courage to face the future. The focus of our interest is on the subjects of Bible prophecy, evangelism and Christian apologetics. We chose those three topics because we believe they work together synergistically to achieve our mission.

Bible Prophecy

The purpose of Bible prophecy is to encourage believers when they experience or are about to experience persecution. It is not intended to satisfy our curiosity about what is going to happen in the near future. Its focus is on the second coming of Christ to establish His Messianic Kingdom. Current events are setting the stage for events prophesied to occur in the tribulation, the seven years preceding the coming of Christ. Since we believe the rapture of the church will occur before the beginning of the tribulation, current events that point to events predicted in the tribulation encourage us to anticipate the rapture, which could occur at any moment. No matter what happens, our future is secure with Christ in His Kingdom.


The best way to prepare for the rapture and the coming of the Kingdom is to share our faith with others, and to take as many people with us as possible when we enter the Kingdom. When people become concerned about the future and turn to Bible prophecy for insights, they are open to receive the gospel. We need to be ready to state clearly what the message of Christianity really is, without distortions or accretions.


Since we are living in a post-Christian culture, it is necessary to defend the faith as we share it. Unfortunately, much of main-stream Christianity has cut the logical underpinnings of the gospel by denying that the Book of Genesis is a literal historical record of the human race, and that the Book of Revelation is a prediction of literal future events. We are committed to teaching the abundant reliable evidence that both books can and should be interpreted literally.

Our Commitment

  • ¬†We will refrain from involvement in partisan politics. Political activism has its place, but it is not in our mission statement.
  • We will refrain from ad hominem attacks on individuals who differ with us. We may quote what they say or take issue with their ideas, but we will not criticize them personally. We will always treat them with respect.
  • We will tell you if we are speculating about matters which lack definitive evidence or proof and will not represent them as proven facts.
  • We will maintain the highest standards of scholarship.
  • We will avoid sensationalism, especially in the area of Bible prophecy.

Your Invitation

Our objective is to form an online community of like-minded believers who will encourage each other to keep, share and defend their Christian faith. The means we will use to achieve that goal are our blog articles, the “Barnabas Community” newsletter, books, videos, podcasts and teaching curriculum for individual and small group study. If this goal resonates with your heart we invite you to join us. You can begin by signing up for our newsletter. We look forward to enjoying fellowship with you.

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