Authors General Guidelines

  1. Although we will accept inquiries from professional literary agents, we prefer to deal directly with the author.
  2. Describe your idea for the book.
  3. Tell us the approximate number of pages in the manuscript (81/2” x 11” format; specify type and font size).
  4. Include an outline in some detail.
  5. Include up to three sample chapters.
  6. Tell us about yourself as a writer. Include your background experience, education, church affiliation, accomplishments, etc.
  7. List your articles and books that have been published. Include the titles, periodicals or publishers and the dates.
  8. Give us your mailing and e-mail addresses.
  9. If your proposal is for children’s literature, give the intended age range.
  10. Send us a copy of your proposal and keep the original. We do not return proposals.
  11. We will consider proposals that have been offered to other publishers at the same time.
  12. Mail your proposal to us at the address below. Do not use e-mail to send us proposals or attempt to make one over the telephone.


Fair Havens Publications
Acquisitions Department
P. O. Box 1238
Gainesville, TX 76241-1238


We will try to let you know if we are interested in pursuing your proposal within three months at the latest, but usually sooner. Please limit follow-up contacts to letters or e-mail. (Our address is [email protected].)


We do not have a catalog available for mailing. For information about the books we publish, see our web site at



Fair Havens Publications is a company owned by Christians. We publish mainly to the Christian market. Occasionally we will consider a proposal for a book suited for a general readership. Preferred subjects would be related to family life, human interest, mysteries, stories for children, or non-fiction animal stories. (We are currently looking for brief accounts depicting the emotional bond between man and animals, or ways animals demonstrate intelligence and personality.)

For the Christian market, we publish books for conservative, evangelical readers. Here is a partial list of the topics we will consider:


Bible / Biblical Studies
Children’s Books (Ages 1-12)
Christian Home Schooling (books suitable for use in)
Christian Living
Fiction, Adult
Fiction, Adventure
Fiction, Historical/Biblical
Fiction, Juvenile (Ages 8-12)
Group Study Books
How-To, SelfHelp
Marriage and Divorce
Men’s Interests
Senior Adult Concerns
Singles Issues
Women’s Issues


Royalties will be paid on the basis of the net (wholesale) price of the book. For unpublished authors the rate usually begins at 10% and increases to 15% after a specified number of copies have been sold. For published authors, the rate usually begins at 10% and increases to approximately 18% after a specified number of copies have been sold.

We do not normally pay advances to unpublished authors. Advances for previously published authors are negotiable in most cases.

First print runs vary from 3,000 to 12,000 copies.