Who Is Jesus?

Bill Glass, the 6-foot-5, 270-pound quarterback at Baylor University became the All-Pro defensive end who helped the Cleveland Browns win the NFL championship in 1964. Bill was a devout Christian who frequently shared the story of his conversion to Christ at churches and conferences across the country. When I was a college student I had the opportunity to hear him speak. As I recall, his story went something like this: […]

Your Destination Is Your Destiny

What is your aim in life? I mean, what do you think about when there is nothing pressing on your mind? What do you want out of life? What “turns you on”, keeps you going when things get tough? That great sage and philosopher Alfred E. Newman said, “Most people don’t know what they really want, but they are sure they haven’t got it.” A. A. Hedge said, “No man […]

A Snapping Turtle Story and a Spiritual Insight

My grandfather told many stories, but my favorite is the one about the snapping turtle.  Grandfather was a career farmer who lived in South Georgia. When he wasn’t working the farm he loved to go fishing. Eating what he caught was part of the fun for him, and he never threw anything back into the water. If he caught a little bream the size of two fingers he would put […]

The True Spirit of Christmas Gift Giving

A group of women were enjoying a gourmet meal in the dining room of a 5 star hotel’s restaurant. Another woman approached them and asked, “What’s the occasion?” One of the women replied, “We’re celebrating my four-year-old son’s birthday!” “That’s great,” the other woman said, “But where is he?” The first woman responded, “Oh, you don’t think I would bring him to a classy place like this, do you?” Christmas […]

Forgiveness Is Daily: The Cure for Guilt

When you become a Christian and trust Christ to forgive all your sins it is a great relief from guilt, but what happens later when you fail and fall back into sin? How do you get rid of the guilt after you have become a Christian? (more…)