Why Is Theistic Evolution a Lie?

This thought occurred to me when I read I John 2:21:

 I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie is of the truth. (NASB)

 John says you can’t mix the truth with a lie and still have truth. When you mix truth with a lie you don’t get a mixture of truth and falsehood; you lose the truth entirely and end up with nothing other than a lie.

 Get the Picture

 Here is a physical analogy to picture in your mind. Suppose you have a gallon of pure, reverse osmosis filtered drinking water, and another gallon of pond water that contains mud, scum and loads of bacteria. If you pour the pure drinking water and the pond water into a container what do you have, a mixture of pure and impure water? Of course not. You have two gallons of impure water that is unfit to drink. When you combined the pure water with the pond water it lost its purity. Likewise, when you combine truth with a lie you lose the truth entirely and have only a lie left.

 Theistic Evolution

 This principle could be applied to many concepts; but let’s take theistic evolution as an example. It is an attempt to combine the Bible’s teaching about creation with Darwinian evolution. I think it is fair to say that Darwinian evolution is at its core an attempt to explain the existence of life on this planet in purely naturalistic terms without the need for a Creator. In other words life arose and developed by random processes without any aid or intervention from a power or intelligence outside the system. I doubt if Richard Dawkins or any other Darwinian evolutionist would argue with that statement.

 Theistic evolutionists have tried to interpret the Genesis account of creation to make it compatible with Darwinian evolution. They have tried the “gap theory”and the “day-age theory”. Because of inherent problems in those theories they have resorted to non-literal interpretation methods, such as spiritualizing and allegory. The end result of these ill conceived methods is to hide the simple truth explicitly taught in Genesis: that God spoke the universe and all life into existence in a special act of creation in six literal days.

 Theistic evolution is bad theology and Darwinian evolution is bad science. I intend to write many blogs to support that statement, but I want you to know up front where I am coming from. When you try to mix Biblical creationism with Darwinian evolution you do not get a half-truth, or a mixture of truth and error. When you mix truth with a lie you end up with a lie. Period.

John Otis has written a timeless critique of theistic evolution that is easy to read and understand. Use this link to access Theistic Evolution: a Sinful Compromise.

 J. Ray Smith, President, Fair Havens Publications, www.fairhavensmedia.com/blog

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